Sunday, 3 May 2009

Late Spring Update

I thought I'd post an update on my plot
Everything is growing just lovely, I am surprised at how quickly they have come up and how healthy and strong they look, even though I am no expert gardener, and don't pander to their every whim. I pop down about once a week, have a little weed, give them a little water, throw down a few slug pellets, sing them a song and that's about it.
Look at this pre-veg, just look at it:








I am now number 7 excited on a scale of 1 - 10. There is no sign of any slugs, snails, killer pillers, black fly, white fly or anything, But I won't count my chickens before my eggs have hatched ... hmm, chickens ...

Am I proving that anybody with a bit of mud can grow veg?


Kraxpelax said...
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Claire said...

Ah, but it's not just mud is it Lynn, it's song too! What are killer pillers? :o))

sparkx said...

killer pillers are caterpillars that kill aaaallll your stuff :)

Spyder said...

Love reading about your turnips and the killer caterpillars! (We have man eating slugs down here)!! I'll put pictures of my beans on my blog when I've planted them, meanwhile...might not be what you want for here,but there's a blog Award waiting for you over on Spyder's Corner!