Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Gem's Tips of the Month

Gem's Tips - Simple advice from one who knows:

Plant nasturtiums in between lettuces, killer pillers (caterpillers) will be attracted to them instead of your lovely crop. And check under all the leaves regularly for eggs and squish them all. Miss the eggs, you can lose all your crop overnight.

Put sticks or twigs at the end of each row and label with what you have planted, if you're going as crazy as me with the veg you will forget what you planted!

Sew seeds like lettuce every three weeks so you have an all summer crop

Get a dibber, I don't know what for yet, I didn't ask

Save yoghurt pots and inside of loo roles for planting seeds, if you are lucky enough to have a partner/husband/friend to make you a cold frame then the toilet roll insides can be cut down, filled with compost, seeds can be planted and they can be kept safe and sound in the cold frame until frost has passed, and then planted straight out in the garden, cardboard 'n' all!

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