Monday, 16 March 2009

Made a start

Well I've been busy today. First off I gots my cold frame, aren't I lucky to have such a clever Father in Law!

I went to the garden centre and bought some seed tray thingies and they fit in the frame perfectly, there's 160 little seedling trays there, and some larger black ones. I'm not sure what to start from seed and what to put straight in the plot, I'll figure that out tomorrow. I am going to do about 10 plantings of each thing a week, so I have a steady flow of veggies, that's called counting your chickens!
I also bought some grow bags, cos they always come in handy for something, I'll probably grow my tomatoes in them and my cabbages and lettuce, not sure yet, will figure that out tomorrow also. Take another look at the cold frame from a different angle, how cool is that!

He also made me a beautiful wooden wheelbarrow last year, I didn't get a chance to do anything with it, but this year I am going to plant my strawberries in it, I have always done well with my strawberries. But before I plant them I am going to have to buy some netting or something, as this wheelbarrow full of earth would be a favourite with the cats!

It's much larger than it looks in the photo, it measures about 3 x 4 feet.

And I bought some seeds:

and strawberries

Half of these were a Christmas gift from my bestest friend Gems so I will have to make sure I do her proud.

I also bought some potato seeds, Nadine (recomended by Gems) I was going to plant them tomorrow, but believe it or not the weather forecast for a week away is snow, even though it has been 16 degrees today, only in the UK could we have such diverse weather conditions. So I am going to hold on till next week and see how the land lies!

I took a walk down to check out the onions and garlic, and the smell as you approach the area is delicious, I can almost taste them. I do hope they are growing nicely under there.

Tomorrow I am going to plant up some seedlings.