Sunday, 12 April 2009

An update

Well what a beauuutiful Easter Sunday. I spent the day on my plot, and wait for it, I actually got Jack and his friend involved, with absolutely no bribes needed. I asked him this morning if he would mind helping me, expecting a 'ohh muum, but we're going out' but nope, I thought I mistakenly heard a 'ok mum'. So I quickly dropped everything and we shot off down there quick, before he changed his mind.
Bless them, they worked sooo hard. They dug up an patch of overgrown area that I had given up on, they mowed the lawn, weeded, helped me plant lots and watered. It was a really nice afternoon. It's not often I get to spend time with him.
So an update on the veggies, which I know you are eagerly awaiting.

Have planted in cold frame:

Red & green peppers - no sign of life yet
Cabbages, - started poking through 2 days ago
Sweetcorn - started poking through 2 days ago too
Strawberries - no sign of life
Tomatoes - no sign of life
Lettuce - zilch

In the plot are:
Potatoes - nothing
Carrots - not sure if weeds or carrots yet
Swede - Nowt
Turnips, yup, see photo below
Peas - hmm, maybe
Radishes - super growing
and my onions and garlic I'm so proud of, they look so green and lush

Me and my Jack

Turnips, how cute!

Lush onions and garlic, how I refrained from pulling one up I just don't know, I grew them I did :)

Aww, they had so much fun, away from the computer, briefly.

Come back soon, it's all getting a bit exciting!


Idj20 said...

Good luck with your greenfingered exploits.
Perhaps you are beginning a new fad: Urban Gardening.

Spyder said...

I have a small garden and I've been growing runner beans in large pots for many years, also potatoes in bin-liners! Good luck with your growing!! ((Lyn))