Sunday, 17 May 2009


After a really awful morning of wind and rain the sun decided to come out, and as I had today off work I decided to take and walk down and see what my veg was doing. I like that I don't watch it minute by minute, I have a lack of patience, well no, that's a lie, I just get excited easy and I couldn't bear to watch it day after day, that wouldn't work for me. Going down there intermittently for me is the best way, and you can really see how quickly things have grown.



POTATOES, they are really going for it. I can't wait to dig them up :)

PEAS - only had three grow successfully, and they have little feelers all tangling aorund each other, so have erected a ltitle frame for them. (whilst humming a happy tune) Maybe 3 plants will be enough.


I don't know if I have done the right thing but they were all growing in clumps, becuse when I planted the seed it was very windy. So today I separated them out. I didn't have a lot of space for them all, but have done the best I can. I shope they don't die. I am in a carrot competition with my friend Gems.


Actually there were lots of radishes, would that make them radishi? I dug a few up, had everyone within a 50m radius try them whilst chanting, I grew that I did :)

Here's a closer look at my first ever home grown vegetable

Here's an even closer look, I grew that I did and was told by my auntie 'I buy radishes and I can tell you, that tastes like a radish'

I planted 12 sweetcorn today, might be a bit late, but so is summer, so I should be ok. I also planted a few tomato plants, but I know they'll grow.


Now I need to go and remind myself when things will be ready, I am stunned at the speed of them radishi(?) and my garlic seem to be pushing themselves out of the ground. Where's Gems when you need her? ....

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Late Spring Update

I thought I'd post an update on my plot
Everything is growing just lovely, I am surprised at how quickly they have come up and how healthy and strong they look, even though I am no expert gardener, and don't pander to their every whim. I pop down about once a week, have a little weed, give them a little water, throw down a few slug pellets, sing them a song and that's about it.
Look at this pre-veg, just look at it:








I am now number 7 excited on a scale of 1 - 10. There is no sign of any slugs, snails, killer pillers, black fly, white fly or anything, But I won't count my chickens before my eggs have hatched ... hmm, chickens ...

Am I proving that anybody with a bit of mud can grow veg?