Tuesday, 7 October 2008


I'll try and make this as straightforward as possible, remember, I haven't really got any idea about what I am doing. Click on each heading to read info on how to get started, I have chosen the information that I have personally found easiest to understand, in other words info that has omitted the PH balance of soil, the temperature of the soil, the specific nutrients of the soil etc etc blah blah, I can't be doing with all that, I wanna plant and go ......


Plant Garlic - (I'm doing this in a wooden trough)

Fertilisation & Crop rotation - I may have to go and find a bag of farm animal poo, I wanted to avoid it but it seems my veggies will need it. For years I have passed these bags of manure on the side of county roads, for sale, for a few bob, when driving through the countryside (not for pleasure, it's the only way to get to the shopping centre) and wondered who on earth would want to buy them, now I understand, it's going to help my garden grow. After some research it seems a bit of a dig in with the manure, and then a few weeks before sewing or planting I need to use a fertiliser. All veggies have different needs. I think I should be ok using a general purpose fertiliser, maybe something like this! Only a few quid, nice and easy (ha!) This Link should make things clearer. I guess the important thing is planning, sketch a plan of where each veggie is going, and prepare that area of soil accordingly.


Just potter about I guess, tidy up, weed, have a dig over.


Winter onions - I have read on many sites that onion sets (baby onions bought from garden centre etc) can be planted from August onwards. I have prepared the soil, it seems onions do not need the manure bit, so when preparing the soil in the first week of october my onion section was just fertilised using a packet of fertilising thingy from the garden centre (you can tell I am experienced)

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