Tuesday, 7 October 2008

How does your garlic grow ...

29th September 2008

How does your garlic grow ...

Well yesterday I bought 4 bags of compost for a tenner. And a bag of fertiliser pellet thingies. A big box. I was assured by the shop assistant that this would be fine for growing my garlic in. I was going to go dig up the rest of the weeds today but it's raining, I'm not sure it's possible to do gardening in the rain??

I will go and clean up my wooden trough, and if the rain eases I will plant the garlic, which I bought as well, not just plain old supermarket garlic, proper garlic, from the garden centre and I will choose my onion plot, cos I also bought some onion sets, proper onion sets, wter growing ones, from the garden centre. There is 50 each pack, for £1.99, 50 onions for £1.99, is that good? I find myself comparing the cost of his project to the cost of value veg from the shops, but it's not all about the cost is it, it's about taste, the joy of living from the earth, the satisfaction and of course saving the pla

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