Tuesday, 7 October 2008

September 28th 2008

Today I have started to prepare the earth, the first dig over. It's a back breaking job, lots of well established weeds & roots. I have managed to do about 4/5 of it, but due to having two severley torn 'hang' nails, as the grass got thicker and tougher I could not pull it out as it was catching on the broken nails (typical woman)

I have now come home and cut all my nails down to nothing, I must be serious, my hands look like a man's, my neatly manicured beautiful long nails are no more, all in the duty of doing what one must to save the planet.

As far as my research has gone I have figured out the earth needs to be turned over as much as possible, and all weeds must be banished. It must then be fertilised, the best fertiliser being farm manure. So I will spend the next couple of motnhs turning, weeding and fertilising. The earth itself is actually very nice, I am surprised, it feels rich, it looks rich, it's not chalky, it isn't clay like, which I thought it might be being so close to the sea, I don't know why. I am observing where the most sunlight is and where the most shade is, and when i get to the point of deciding what is to be planted where I guess I should have to take that in to consideration.

Not a bad job for a couple of hours work!

Useful Site for Preperation info

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