Thursday, 9 October 2008

How does your garlic grow - Part deux

What a glooorious day. I went down t'plot, and I raked it all over again. Ooh the earth is so gorgeous. Why does everybody have an obsession with gloves, I keep getting asked that. No, I don't wear gloves, I love to feel the earth between my fingers. How can you gently pick up a 'lil caterpillar and put it to one side (I hear Gem's screeches of kill it, kill it) when you have a mamby pamby pair of gloves on. I cut all my nails down to stubs for this task. Dedication. There's no grass or no weeds coming through, at all, I must have done such a good job first time round. I filtered out anything odd looking, stones, cat poops, caterpillars, and raked it all over smooth. I then dug a bit of a trough and filled it with compost improver, don't ask me why, it might help, and I then planted my onion thingies, and my garlic thingies, about 5" apart, 3 rows of each. The green sticks indicate the end of each 3 rows. I have saved half a packet of which I shall plant in about 3 - 4 weeks time. It's rotation you see, I don't want 400 onions in one month, I need to spread it all out. (here's hoping). I did break sticks and put printed tags on them, courtesy of a superb plastic tag making machine that my uncle has, and these will label what I have planted and where. I didn't need to put dates on the labels cos I'm keeping record in here. Up there for thinking, down there for dancing. So next job is planting the rest of the packets in about a month's time.

I have just asked Keith if he wouldn't mind making me a cold frame, and to my absolute surprise he said he would. I have a huuuge sheet of perspex in a frame, long story, don't ask, all he needs to throw together is some sort of base, made with some sort of wood, which I have already managed to pillage, and hinge the perspex lid to it. Sorted. The reason for the cold frame is to nuture the seedlings and harden them, they have a much better chance of growing strong and healthy once put in the earth, do you think, maybe? I am hoping it will look something like this

Hmm, the perspex is about the same size as this, I'll print this out and leave it lying around, he's usually pretty good with his tools.

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Delores said...

It will be lovely to harvest your veggies. I can't think of anything more satisfying, (in the food department that is). Good news about Keith's tools.