Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Grow your own

Hello, my name is Lynn (otherwise known as sparkx) and I am 37 years old. I am a wife and mother of two boys and live right beside the seaside in the southeast of England.

With the growing recession and rising costs of food I have decided to take the plunge and grow my own fruit, vegetables and maybe the odd flower or two, as best I can. I have absolutely no idea about how to grow vegetables, I have no lush green garden, only a square decked area.

My first hurdle was to find a plot. Allotments in this area have a 10 year waiting list, and I'm not sure I could handle an allotment, all I need is a small area of which to have a play. After asking around the family I was offered a small peice of my uncle's garden, approximately 16.5' x 4.5', just perfect enough for me to manage. Next hurdle is to find out where on earth to start, how to prepare, what to grow and how to maintain, and of course with little or no expense, else it would defeat the object.

I hope to enoucrage my children and maybe their friends to get involved. On first mention they show absolutely no interest whatsoever, all the hard work and prepeartions will be done by me. I am curious to see whether as time goes on and things start to grow they will start to take an interest, here's hoping. If they don't help grow it then they won't help eat it ...

So here goes, the beginning of what will hopefully be a long term, easy to manage, beautifully tasty crop of food. It may be that everything gets eaten by slugs, it may be that there is not enough sunlight, the birds eat everything, ot it may be that I end up with the most brilliant crop of foods, only time will tell.

I hope you enjoy the adventure as much as I do, and most of all I hope it might inspire you to have a go :o) (Or if it fails miserably it will make you feel better about not trying it)

The dates in the menu are not consequetive days.

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andria said...

good on ya hon I love home grown veggies they taste much better i think then brought ones...your plot looks awesome ..I have always been at dh to help me make n plant a veggie patch, being disabled cant do digging etc...but alas got none as yet maybe if I show him your wonderful garden might get him inspired..LOL..i can dream huh..will look forward to watching your veggies grow to fruition over the coming months thanks hon..great to see the lil one getting in and helping..huge hugz andria in australia